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    The answer to EVERY Homemaker's dream since 1974



    We offer professional cleaning services to suit your specific needs: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or occasionally.

    At the most competitive prices around!



    Excellence is our specialty, all VariClean team members have been carefully screened, bonded, and meticulously trained. You will find them to be honest, pleasant, and timely!



    Enjoy the freedom of extra time and saving money. We work quickly and bring all of our own high quality, safe cleaning supplies!


    "Anything worth doing, is worth doing well."

    Our standard is a team of four Residential Cleaning Specialists, each one trained for the various cleaning requirements in your home. The entire team comes in, cleans your home and leaves without wasting any of your time. We won't take coffee or lunch breaks in your home!

    Our Founders: Ted & Rheta

    Each Maid Service Crew has a Supervisor who will become completely familiar with your specific cleaning needs, and will keep careful account of all that is done in your home.


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    Vari-Clean Maid Service
    196 Tache Ave Unit B, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 1Z6
    Monday - Friday
    8am - 4pm
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